up on Bahama Mountain, it's always 70 degrees with a chance of bubbles.... enjoy...



Video Creds....

Guitar, vocals, unreasonable tendencies - Stevee
Guitar, vocals - Bobcat Rob Armenti
Mandolin - Andy O'Brien
Fiddle - Jan Purat
Bass, vocal - Emma Shaw
Vocals - Luke Kinney
Vocals - Kat Factor

Thanks to Ian Spilman Video for the rad edits and for always being an awesome human.

Learn more about Stevee's grassroots production company and music festival where this haggard video moment was captured at...
doitourselvespresents.com ... thanks to everyone who makes Do it Ourselves Fest the inspiring event that it is.



Stevee’s songs are in the salt of the earth. If I didn’t know the guy so well, I’d have a small suspicion that he has been around since the beginning of mankind…and a part of me still humors this question.
I say this because Stevee brings an element of songwriting that expresses so poignantly the human condition.
In his patient songs there is pain and reward, there is vice and progress, there is loss and will. Stevee inhabits a narrative that is profoundly woven into songwriting—from the very first, to the very last.
It is the kind of material that many strive to create, but comes so naturally to him. With Stevee you get an honest representation of a man’s life. There are no tricks, no masks, only a genuine soul seeking clarity in the static of everyday.
Stevee, the salty dog, is in the water, in the flesh, and in everything that will never fade. Find him opening the night on August 3rd, probably drinking bubble water, right about 9pm...

- Daniel Talamantes